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Francespeak ni France Misa

A get-together, a gathering of old friends, relatives, people who were colleagues at one time, or a group of people who had the same hobby or sports as you. A lot of people I know look forward to these type of meetings. But some are not that eager and it takes a lot of coaxing from really close friends or relatives for them just to show up.

A class or school reunion is the most looked forward to, or most attended compared to a family reunion. A big event such as a school or batch reunion should be planned very well. Its success depends a lot on the organizer or organizers. He, she or the group should be very resourceful and has time dedicated for this event alone.

Two months ago, I hosted a surprise party for a friend of mine who was once my “best friend,” she is actually the principal godmother of my daughter, and that’s how close we were.

But we had a falling out about four or five years ago when she left the country. Last June, I received a phone call from her that automatically patched up our friendship. There was no need to talk about our past. I did not waste time anymore and went to her hotel that evening with my two girls to soften the reunion. And we went out bar hopping while we both carefully and sincerely made friends again.

Before she left, I hosted a surprise party for her, I invited our schoolmates because our school was not that big. So, I called a few of our common friends and told them to call on whoever knows her to come.

We were not that much, we were less than twenty but it was a very wonderful gathering. I asked my kids to join us because I wanted them to know my high school friends and this is the perfect time for them to know more about who my friends are and me. I also wanted to show off my kids. That is how proud of a mother I am.

Next thing I know is that a bigger reunion sprung from that party. One of our guy friends made a Web site for our school and suggested a reunion. Cell numbers were given out and I spoke to some friends whom I have not spoken for eighteen years already.

Some friends were able to make it and some could not because of their work schedule. I was late and missed some good friends but we were planning another one soon.

To my surprise, I received a phone call from one of my friends and told me that a classmate of ours just passed away. I spoke to that friend days before he passed away because I was convincing him to pass by at least, he said he could not but promised to be present the next time. Little did we know that the next time was going to be at his wake. So sad, we could not believe it. He was so young to suffer a heart attack.

Reunions are sweet, it brings back memories, and it reminded me how I was in my younger days.

It made me check on myself. Were there any improvements? Of course our physical changes, but some characteristics remain the same. We should take advantage of this meeting, let us take a break and reminisce with friends. It gave me a refreshing feeling.

A blast from the past is like a booster for me, it inspires me to move on because I know that the past will be memories which will so good to look back on, not only for us but it is something we would want to share to our children. It helps them understand us and know us more.

Start a reunion or attend one, it does not only bring you together with old friends  but it also touches a part of you which you have not been before. God bless us all.

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