Posted by: thecommuterexpress | August 1, 2007


Francespeak ni France Misa

WE usually see this word in our email as an added document or a file attached to another. It comes in different forms, types and sizes. Sometimes, if we are not careful, we are fooled by it when the enemies of our computer – viruses, use it as a disguise.

It could also mean as an emotional bond or ties to somebody or something. I believe this happened to me over this weekend when my daughter received a two-month-old male Shih Tzu as a gift. She named him Reese. It has three shades of brown and white. The puppy is so cute, I fell in love the minute I saw it.

But the problem is, where will the puppy stay? What a predicament. The puppy is so adorable; the thought of not keeping it crushes me. I took care of Reese for almost two days. I found myself sitting on the floor while I pat him to sleep. It’s as if Reese was a baby.

Whenever he felt alone or could not see me, he would cry. There I was calling out his name as I go towards him so that he can see me, then he would stop. I guess it’s because I feel sad for him because he is not with his mom. Imagine a baby orphan with no place to stay. Even though it is a dog, I can’t help but feel sad for poor little Reese.

We get attached – be it to objects or to living things. There are also different ways of being attached to something or someone. An example is the virus, the toxic type. These are the relationship that is not made in heaven. These are the ones that will eat you alive ‘till you are sucked dry almost to the brink of death.

How I wish attachments were like the ones we find in our emails. You can easily discard them anytime you feel like it. You can open it anytime you want or not to open it at all.

But it is not like that in real life, we are all bound to be attached and have several attachments in our lives. It is just a matter of thinking with our minds not with other parts of our body.

It is, however, good to be attached because no man is an island. We just have to be prepared all the time for whatever will come our way. Detaching from anything we became close to is hard, but we just have to go through it.

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