Posted by: thecommuterexpress | July 30, 2007

Time flies… dedicated to my daughter Paulina

Francespeak ni France Misa

WOW! It’s the 30th, just one more day and there goes the month of July. There is a saying that goes “Time flies when you’re having fun…,” but I guess time flies fast when you’re really living it. But it’s faster when you have kids.

Eighteen years ago, on July 30, 1989, I gave birth to my second child, my first baby girl.

It was the usual overcast July weather where it would rain late in the afternoon and very early in the morning the next day, and I remember telling my doctor not to give me anesthesia because I had post-partum Eclampsia 1986 after giving birth to my first born Matthew.

I was afraid to wake up with a headache. I had a hard time pushing because the pain was excruciating. I did my best to bear the pain but at the last minute I was begging for it. After knowing that I gave birth to a healthy baby girl I passed out.

Next thing I remember was waking up in the recovery room, and I was so thankful that I did not wake up alone in that room. What a relief to see my Mom and my son Matthew. We exchanged smiles which meant all was well. I went back to sleep.

The next main event after giving birth is to see your baby for the first time. That was really breathtaking.

I was taken to the nursery to feed but before that I wanted to take a peak in the nursery and see if I will be able to find her, of course there was a name tag on each cart but I was not going to find her that way. I wanted to feel that connection. And there she was, so tiny, just 5.12 lbs. Her face was already defined, small round face, pink cheeks and her nice small nose which was already shaped perfectly.

Today she turns 18. Where every girl becomes a lady, an adult in the eyes of society.

She is no longer awkward or unsure but poised and confident of her place in things to come.

Now, wasn’t that fast! I feel old but it is alright. Anyway, I am young at heart and people say we look like sisters, No regrets, she turned out to be everything I could have hoped for. God bless you my princess. Happy Birthday Paulina Franchesca Louise.


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